Play to Earn is the Future of Gaming

Play to earn, play and earn, blockchain gaming. The names might change slightly depending on who you talk to, but the integral concept is the same. Gaming’s status quo is shifting, and the incoming paradigm is one that rewards players for spending time engaging with a game and its platform.

Moreover, the birth of L2 solutions is no longer just hopium for the masses. Yes, it’s provided a scalable way to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem, but more importantly for this particular write-up, it’s empowered play to earn gaming to become a reality.

Take an important pillar of traditional gaming enterprises: microtransactions. Microtransactions on mainnet are a painful experience; a typical $4.99 microtransaction quickly becomes a $34.99 transaction when gas fees are considered.

It simply doesn’t make sense to transact. Traditional gaming models just don’t work in this environment.

But that’s starting to change.

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